How to Get Free V-Bucks on Fortnite? | 6 Legit Ways To Get Fortnite Hacks in 2018

V-BUCKS is the primary currency of the Fortnite game also it can be utilized for many special purposes like upgrading tools, customizations and much more. However, to earn V-BUCKS from the sport is not usually a piece of cake. If you run low on V-BUCKS, then you have to have come across sites and platforms on the Internet who would like to provide Free V-BUCKS and FortniteHack Tool. Guess what? They are all fake.

There are particular levels in the sport and occasionally players become frustrated while draining the hard levels.

There are mainly three ways through which you can create endless V-BUCKS in the game. Participating in the sport and getting different degrees, purchasing V-BUCKS with money.

One such report submitted earlier in the day today has quickly reached the cap of the subreddit. However, it’s not the only one. One player reported 200 in deceptive costs, yet another two thousand people, while still being another more than one hundred Members of Fortnite Battle Royale Cheat may be logging in, switching passwords, and accumulating enormous charges for in-game V-Bucks. Epic is quick to issue refunds generally in most of those circumstances, but the volume of reports within the past week has been around concerning.

Things You Need to Know About Fortnite:

Fortnite  is a third-person motion sport with a light-weight local weather, primarily based on a free model with micropayments. The manufacturing was created by the Epic Video games studio, recognized for a number of cult motion collection like Gears of Warfare and Unreal, in addition to superior Unreal Engine know-how.

Though co-operative multiplayer is on the core of the sport, the storyline is a necessary a part of the sport. We get to the world haunted by zombie-like demons that arrive on the bottom from stormy clouds seen over the horizon, utilizing a community of portals for that goal. The gamers are a part of a group that’s supposed to protect the gates, maintaining them out of the way in which and attempting to shut the passage utilizing a tool referred to as the Atlas. The story is instructed in the midst of the marketing campaign, sufficient for 50 hours of enjoyable.

1. Learning Free V-BUCKS Development in Fortnite University

The Official Fortnite YouTube station has released a string of videos called Fortnite University. Each video escorts the audiences through different aspects of Fortnite Studio, out of developing a sports car to scripting the game play. Since the games are developed by Fortnite users, not only the developers.

So, there are a whole lot of possibilities which you may learn how to construct premium items.

This way, you can eventually learn how to make perfect elements that would promote for premium Fortnite rates. In reality, some folks are selling even amazing stuff for quite high rates.

Your imagination is the only limitation to receive all the free V-BUCKS. No Scam, no wasting time on several different websites, just a lot of creativity and you can get recognized on Fortnite.

Various Fortnite Developers which are users even get invited to the Developer Events where they frequently get different freebies. And there’s been a guy who reported made so many free V-BUCKS he could pay for his college fee.

So, begin building on Fortnite items in your Mac or PC.

2. Free V-BUCKS Exchange Rate (Increase in Monthly Cash Out limitation!)

It has been an wonderful season for Fortnite, however it has been an even more amazing year for the Creator Community. That is right! There are several new ways that you can

The massive increase in Fortnite’s popularity has led to the huge rise in the v-bucks exchange rates. Do not get your expectations too high and begin deciding that you ought to become a Fortnite Developer. But they pay well on your creativity and commitment.

So, that’s a total of 40 percent gain in the worth of V-BUCKS you get . The purchasing rates are still the exact same but buying V-BUCKS back to actual currency is an increase.

This happens through the DevEx program.

Aside from the increase in the value of V-BUCKSExchange speed, the FORTNITE Team has also doubled the current exchange limit from 20 million to 40 million.

But in case you don’t know, 40 million V-BUCKS is equal to a WHOPPING $140,000 US DOLLARS according to DevEx. Consequently, if you were able to market your things to the monthly limitation, you can actually earn $1,680,000 yearly (and yes, a few developers are already there)

3. Complete Daily Quests

After advancing in the main storyline in Save the World, you’ll get access to Daily Quests. Daily Quests operate similarly to Daily Challenges in Battle Royale mode. Each day, you will receive one Daily Quest that requires you do a certain task to complete. These tasks include killing X enemies with a certain type of hero, or completing X missions by a certain type of hero.

Once completed, you will earn a minimum of 50 V-Bucks, with only 3 Daily Quests offering more than that amount. Like Daily Challenges, if you don’t complete the quest that day, another will be added the next day you log in, with the max amount of three Daily Quests. Once you’ve received three, you’ll need to complete a Daily Quest to receive a new one.

4. Buy a High-End V-Bucks Package

The final way to get free V-Bucks is to purchase one of the higher end V-Bucks packages. All packages except the $9.99 package will earn you free V-Bucks. While the $24.99 package doesn’t offer a great reward, the $59.99 package provides you an additional $15 worth of V-Bucks. The $99.99 also includes a great deal, offering an additional $35 worth of V-Bucks with your purchase.

Please don’t fall for any of the “Free V-Bucks” scams. There are several elaborate schemes online that try to trick gamers into believing that getting free V-bucks is possible. One of the latest examples is a website which claims you can earn V-bucks by sharing a link with your friends via social media. The website is well designed and links out to the official page. However, this website is fake and should be avoided.

Besides these methods, there is no other legit method to earn free V-Bucks. Using hacks can not only get you banned from Fortnite, you may even have to deal with some legal trouble. While these methods do require you to make a purchase, Battle Royale mode is free. So unlike other games which charge you to $60 then include micro-transactions, Fortnite Battle Royale sacrifices the first part.

With these methods, you can earn some extra V-Bucks to get new items from the Item Shop or save up for Season 4 Battle Pass. How do you feel about Fortnite’s V-Bucks system? Let us know in the comment below.

5. Complete Challenges & Side Quests 

Side Quests are another set of quests that can be completed to earn V-Bucks. Not all Side Quests earn you V-Bucks, but those that do can earn you up to 150 V-Bucks.

Challenges are unlocked at different times during the main storyline. Challenges can be completed up to 10 times and earn you up to 50 V-Bucks per completion.

You can find both Challenges and Side Quests under the Quests tab from the main menu.

6. Participate in Events

Events are separate quests which provide an abundance of items, including V-Bucks. These events tend to happen weekly and include several different quests which will earn you V-Bucks. Check for them under the Quests tab on the main screen.


Scam of Free V-BUCKS in iOS/iTunes Store

A whole lot of new programs are appearing on the iTunes Store to provide various hacks and cheats linked to Free V-BUCKS. The developers are producing fake malware filled apps that promise to give your Free V-BUCKS in Fortnite.

Not only they utilize official graphics, and images to make it look more genuine, they’ve started buying sponsored ratings that give it an authentic look. One of the program (shown in the image below) retains a 5 STAR rating of 22.9K users.

How would you not trust these numbers?

Well, that’s the amount of how low people are stooping to scam the innocent users.

We strictly advise you to stay away from such apps. Some of them are on Google Play Store as well but do remember that Fortnite in an online PC game, no app from Android or iOS would work with it to give you Free V-BUCKS.

Free V-BUCKS or Fortnite Hack Tool (SCAM)

Now, comes the most crucial topic that we’d like to emphasize for all of the users and Fortnite players studying this.

There’s no such thing as”Free Fortnite Generator” or“Fortnite Hack Tool” . They are all website scams and frauds which earn by tricking the users.

So, below are some details that we’d love to let you know about those scam Fortnite Generator websites.

Fact 1: It is impossible to “Hack” a Fortnite Externally

Most of the Fortnite generator websites try to bypass the hard reality by pretending that their developers somehow managed to hack into Fortnite Database, and therefore are offering free V-BUCKS to everyone who uses their generator.

If this did occur, it would be a matter of hours before the Fortnite game realized they had been hacked because legitimate purchased users would start complaining.

The company would shut down the game for a period while upgrading the security and securing the database.

Fact 2:Fortnite V-BUCKS Generator sites are ILLEGAL

Such websites are utterly illegal and are operated by some freeloader wishing to make few extra bucks.

Don’t worry though, because no one will prosecute you for using such sites. It’s just, and you will get scammed by the site owner.

Fact 3: Free V-BUCKS Generator websites earn money by scamming you

Usually, such generator websites ask you to “complete a survey” or to “prove you are human” by doing the human verification or any other lame excuse.

The entire objective of such website is that they will make $0.25 – $25 whenever you complete an offer.

After that, they’ll redirect you to a loop of spam links and malware websites where you’ll watch yourself fooled with your pants down.

How to avoid such scams? Keeping your account safe!

We understand that users in need of free V-BUCKS can easily fall into the trap of such websites.

While we will do our best to ensure that you get all the genuine and legit ways to earn free V-BUCKS and keep the Internet a fun place for everyone, the ultimate goal is to keep you safe.

How to keep your Fortnite account safe?

So, we’ve also discussed some issues with our developers on how to keep your account safe online.

1. Don’t share your Passwords or Cookies

The most obvious way users lose access to their account is by sharing their login credentials. Even if it’s your friend you know in real life, you should always keep your login information safe.

It is also significant that you should know that Fortnite employees (if you contact the Customer Support for any error) will never ask you for your password while resolving the process.

If anyone does ask for the information, then you can you can immediately take screenshots and report it to the moderators using the Report Abuse feature.

The same kind of attention applies while giving someone your data like your browser cookies, sensitive computer information like IP address, or personal details.

You should never give specific information out over the Internet. For example, many generator websites ask you to fill a survey form or bot verification just to collect your personal details so that they can scam you later on.

Even worse, they usually sell such information databases in the Black Market.

2. Enabling 2-Step Verification (2SV)

Please ensure that you enable 2-step verification in the Fortnite game using the security measures for your account.

To enable this feature, you need to navigate to the Account Settings > Security. For more detailed information, you can visit the Fortnite’s official FAQ article with all the details of this excellent security feature.

3. Don’t leave your account logged in a public device

If you leave your account logged in on a PC (in a cafe or your library), anyone else can use this device and have access to your account.

It’s essential that you always log out once playing.

For extra security, change your password on a regular basis and logout of all the devices consistently.

4. Make your password hard to guess

Common phrases like as username123, 12345678 or typing Fortnite and username keywords is pretty easy to guess.

Suppose, if your username is Marshall (In my case), then your password shouldn’t be Marshall123 or 1234Marshall. Head out to this website where you can quickly check your password strength. It is known as HowSecureisMyPassword.

Official Website –

A fully secured password should follow such guidelines:

  • The password should be at least eight characters long
  • Don’t even think to keep your Date of Birth as your password
  • Try using a mix of upper and lowercase letters. Like”MARshall@123” instead of “Marshall123.”
  • Also, don’t arrange the letter cases in familiar locations.
  • It should include numbers as well as special characters like #,@,$,&,%.
  • And lastly, make sure that you use different passwords for all accounts. You can manage them with apps or extensions like LastPass, etc.


Note: Beware of phishing emails or other contact forms on generator websites which ask you to log in your Fortnite account using your login credentials for verification or transferring free V-BUCKS into your account.

Never add email addresses of your friends or other players for verification or during the password reset.

It should be either of your own or a parent’s if you’re under 12 or 14 (as per guidelines). Because if you do so, then they’ll get the email with your login information.

5. Learn to recognize Scam or Phishing generator websites

The only official link for the Fortnite game are links to other pages from the parent domain “” or some of the links specified in the “What Not to Post” on their official website.

Websites like,, or similar links are usually a scam website.

These sites are made to hack into computers, steal a player’s username and password etc. This usually results in the loss of V-BUCKS or items from your account. Some of these websites look so genuine because they use images from Fortnite to try and fool players.

Some even duplicate the design of the official Fortnite website. If you can identify such website, then you should report it to the Fortnite Community, and you’ll certainly get some rewards.

6. Never login in a pop-up

Do keep in mind that you are required to enter your Fortnite username and password on the homepage of the official website or their mobile apps.

So, whenever you encounter a sudden popup or in-game UI asking for your login information for any reason at all, even from the official website, just exit it and report it under Legal Abuse section on

7. Never download a software (.exe file from a suspicious website or without parent permission)

Such kinds of programs or tools which promise free v-bucks after downloading are called Malware and Keylogger. You should never download or run such program (.exe file) without your parent’s permission. Any tool you download should be from a trusted company source as they eventually track your personal information such as passwords.

Moreover, Fortnite doesn’t allow you to share the same login details apart from their apps.

We also recommend reviewing and removing all your untrusted browser extensions. Some of these extensions can even steal login data or cookies, and this allows hackers else to access your account.

We suggest not using any browser add-ons or extensions unless they are 110% trustable.

Final Words

So, this was all about genuine working ways to get free V-BUCKS without any Fortnite Cheat, Hack or Scam.

Do share your thoughts and let me know if you’ve successfully earned a few extra V-BUCKS using the methods mentioned above in the comment section below.

And yes, beware of the scam Fortnite Hack and Free V-BUCKS Generator websites and enjoy playing Fortnite.

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